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Some of our recent work. 

Here is a select list of work that we have recently completed.  Although the scope of work within each of these projects was different, they were all delivered within the HTML5/JavaScript environment.

Forsyth County, NC


This project upgraded the county’s mapping environment to the HTML5/JavaScript environment from the ArcIMS environment.  Although WebGIS-Solutions did install the original ArcIMS solution, this project was quite challenging due to the vast changes in technology that have taken place in the 6+ years between projects.

In addition to assisting county staff to configure and upgrade their SDE and SQL environments, WebGIS-Solutions also built custom property and sales reports to work both on the desktop and phone platforms.

Holmes County, OH


This project added the HTML5/JavaScript template to the existing Silverlight website suite.  Holmes County has been a WebGIS Solutions client for several years and has used 5 different iterations of the WebGIS Solutions GIS Viewer. 


Beginning in the ArcIMS days, Holmes County consistently leverages the web templates provided by WebGIS Solutions to optimize their ESRI/ArcGIS Server resources.


San Marcos, CA

San Marcos decided that they would like to implement a combination of the Silverlight Viewer and the HTML5/JavaScript viewer for their internal mobile GIS users.

A recent winner of best map at the ESRI International User Conference, San Marcos hosts some of the most attractive and effective map services in the country. By using the templates provided by WebGIS Solutions, the city can consume these services through both the desktop and mobile platforms.

Client list

  • City of Hudson, OH

  • City of Dayton, OH

  • Holmes County, OH

  • Auglaize County, OH

  • City of Chula Vista, CA

  • City of Vista, CA

  • City of San Marcos, CA

  • City of Oceanside, CA

  • City of Poway, CA

  • City of National City, CA

  • Orange County, CA

  • City of Orlando, FL

  • City of Greensboro, NC

  • Forsyth County, NC

  • Brunswick County, NC

  • Gaston County, NC

  • Guilford County, NC

  • Randolph County, NC

  • Augusta County, GA

  • La Plata County, CO

  • City of Colorado Springs, CO

  • Sarpy County, NE

  • City of Omaha, NE

  • Douglas County, NE

  • Fond du Lac County, WI

  • Dakota County, MN

  • Scott County, MN

  • Carver County, MN

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